The Forest spirit and the Black Sheep.

Result for Weekly CG Challenge 101, "Forest Spirit".

In the beginning all sheep were black.
One day a sheep found the Forest Spirit.
The sheep wished to be white and shiny as the Forest Spirit. His wish was granted, but he could not speak of how he got the colour.
When he came back all the other sheep looked at as he was a god. One day a really nice ewe came beside him, flirted and praised his look.
The white sheep would like to impress her and whispered;
"Don't tell anybody, but I got this colour from the Forest Spirit."
The same second all went black and an enormous thunder break loose.
The rain fell on all the sheep and washed them white as snow.
A lightning struck and hit the sheep that had met the Forest Spirit. He survived, but got all black again.
The voice of the Forest Spirit was heard in the air.
"This will be the mark. In the future all sheep will be white, except the one that can't be trusted. You will now and forever be The Black Sheep."

May 27, 2017